Gift cards: Simple ways to praise employees and customers

Surprise and delight employees and customers with gift cards for a wide range of incentives that can be redeemed at any MasterCard or Visa outlet.



Brand identity

Customise incentives and gift cards to align to your brand identity and company values.

Freedom of choice

Give your employees and customers the freedom to choose their own rewards.

Reloadable Mastercard

Motivate your team of the possibility of earning even more rewards with reloadable Mastercards.

How gift cards benefit you

Long service rewards
Cut down on long process flows and give your employees the choice of what they want.

Points-based customer reward and loyalty solutions
Seamless points-to-cash integration

Brand activations and promos
Instant gratification and brand awareness.

Multi-value campaigns
Become the number one brand of choice and always be top of mind.

Customer acquisition and care
Brand and customer loyalty – by rewarding existing customers, you gain a platform of new customers.

How do gift cards work?

Step 1

Follow a few simple steps for easy activation

Step 2

Select the amount you want loaded on your gift card

Step 3

Use at any Mastercard or Visa pay point

Let’s help you cash in on positive company culture