The little things make the biggest difference

Many people leave their jobs simply because they don’t feel valued. Goes to show that even the smallest bit of praise can go a long way in showing your employees that you appreciate their hard work.

Digital rewards

Deliver meaningful incentives digitally

Reward your team with benefits and bonuses straight to their smartphones for instant redemption online or in-store.

Gift cards

Express gratitude with gift cards

Give your employees the freedom to choose from a wide range of incentives redeemable at MasterCard or Visa outlets.



Show them the money

Delight your top performers with real monetary bonuses that can be cashed out at Standard Bank ATMs or redeemed via Zapper.

What our


do for your:

  • Talent attraction
    Company-specific approaches that align with your recruitment goals to attract talent and improve loyalty among employees.
  • Interaction
    Personalised employee engagement programmes that build strong bonds between your people and encourage positive behaviour.
  • Rewards and recognition
    Meaningful monetary benefits and bonuses that celebrate both the major successes and small wins of your top performers.
  • Motivation
    Incentivised people-programmes that drive desired behaviours, champion model candidates and make the stars in your team shine.
  • Productivity
    Customised solutions designed to boost productivity, cultivate positive company culture and bring out the best in your people.
  • Assistance
    Relevant support services enabling you to go above and beyond in adding value for your employees.
  • Improve market share
    Real, high-value solutions that reward customers for buying your product or trying your service.
  • Increase sales
    Customised campaigns and solutions designed to boost the visibility and sales of specific products or services.
  • Create brand loyalty
    Bespoke, points-based rewards solutions that build loyalty and keep customers coming back for more.
  • Reward customer feedback
    Customised rewards packages that value customers for their contributions and feedback.
  • Improve customer service
    Incentive programmes that reward your team for excellent work in servicing your clients and keeping them happy.
  • Add to your bottom line
    Tailored loyalty programmes that add value to customers, create brand loyalty and increase profits.

Want to start showing appreciation for your people?